Welcome to the recreational trail review page. Please click on your street to view the maps.  When looking at the plans it is often difficult to interpret many items on the plan including; slopes, necessary drainage swales, how far away something is and the true size of vegetation or objects. When reviewing the plans, please pay attention to any call out notes for your parcel. Items such as fencing, boulders and/or drive lights may be called out for relocation. If trees were observed to be in poor health or dead they may be shown to be removed or a note to talk to the owner. Vegetation that we hope will be able to be transplanted are noted.

Also identified on the plans are the needs of permanent and/or temporary easements. The easements show the additional distance that may be required for grading or drive replacement. As mentioned at previous meetings any temporary easement is for this project only and the easement terminates once the project is completed. Any permanent easement identified will be for portions of the trail outside of the right-of-way and for the purpose of the trail only.

After viewing the plans for your property please complete the form below. You must enter the code found on the letter you received. By completing this form you are indicating that you approve of the trail as it is depicted on the map for your property.  Your approval will allow the Village to begin the preparation of any required easement documentation for your property and to finalize the plans.

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