Leaf Collection

Every Fall the Orange Village Service Department collects leaves and turns them into a rich compost that can be added to gardens and soil. This compost is then delivered to residents by request. This service is to aid residents in the disposal and recycling of fallen leaves. Please review the procedures for placing leaves for pickup. Apply on-line to request leaf humus. Requests are honored in the order they are received while supplies last.

 Collection 2020

October 12 – November 25

Please note it is the homeowners responsibility to contact their landscape company and inform them of the collection dates. Leaves put out for collection after the dates has become a problem. Leaves placed at the road after the collection season will be the responsibility of the homeowner to remove. 

How To Place Leaves for Pickup
Leaves should be placed close to the edge of the road. They should not extend onto the road.

Leaves should not be placed in ditches or covering storm sewer drains. Doing this will obstruct the storm drains which will increase the risk of flooding.

Leaves should be in a long row no farther off the road than 8 feet.

Do not mix branches or foreign objects with the leaves. This can cause damage to the machine that picks up the leaves. Refer to branch pickup for branches.

If your lot has a trail
Leaves must be placed between the road and trails. No exception.
Residents with a large amount of leaves should make a longer narrower windrow of leaves instead of one large pile.
These too should not block the trails. Our leaf machine only reaches out 10 feet. Leaves farther than that will need to be brought closer to the road as they will be left.
That is the same as our current regulation.