Fire Chief Bob Wilson

Orange Village Fire Department

Chief Bob Wilson has been on the Fire Department since 1992. Bob is a paramedic and was voted Firefighter of The Year in 2001.

Emergencies Dial 911 – Fire (Non emergency) 440-498-4402

The officers oversee a department of 45 men and women that respond out of two stations. Our second satellite station recently opened up in the new Pinecrest development. Orange Village Fire Department provides ongoing fire and medical training at weekly meetings. Medical director Dr. Robert Coleman, and specialists from Ahuja Medical Center of University Hospitals Health System provide continuing education in emergency medical techniques and standards. Each firefighter in the department is required to pass the Basic Trauma Life Support course each year.

The members of the Fire Department respond to calls 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. Responding to emergencies at all hours in any circumstances is only part of the job. The department also reaches out to the community by providing free health screening during public events, and welcoming civic groups who wish to tour the department.


Spring in the Chagrin Valley brings lots of changes. Most of these changes are welcomed and appreciated. However, with springtime in northeast Ohio comes the increased risks associated with severe weather. The members of the Orange Village Fire Department would like to take this opportunity to remind you of several steps you can take to ensure your safety as well as the safety of those you love.


We all understand that tornadoes can develop quickly and with little time to alert our residents. For that reason we would like to advise you on the best means to be prepared for alerts when these dangerous events take place.

Orange Village does not have a dedicated network of tornado sirens. Depending on where you live you may be able to hear some of the sirens in Solon or Chagrin Falls. However, these sirens are not meant to alert occupants inside the home. Their sole purpose is to encourage those outside to seek shelter. Generally speaking the tornado sirens are activated by emergency dispatch centers. The Chagrin Valley Dispatch Center will immediately post an update on their Facebook page when they activate local sirens. By subscribing to this social media outlet, our residents can quickly access the specific reason for the activated sirens in their area.

Another avenue and possibly your best alternative is your cellular phone. Both Iphone and Android phones are able to receive Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) which are issued by Governmental agencies including the National Weather Service and FEMA. Some phones are shipped with these notifications already turned on. However, to ensure that your phone is able to receive these notifications follow these steps:

Open Settings
Scroll down to Government Alerts
(make sure they are on)

Open Messages
Click top right – opens settings
Emergency Alert Settings
Make sure Emergency Alerts are on
The benefits of activating these notifications are compounded by the fact that these notifications travel with you. So if you are vacationing out of state you will receive alerts specific to your current location.

Point of Sale Inspections

If you are selling your home you will need to arrange for the Fire Department to verify that you have working Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors placed in the proper locations.

Scheduling for these “Point of sale Inspections” is coordinated through the Village’s Building Department. Contact Karen Morocco by calling 440.498.4400.  Click here for Point of Sale Application & Fire Dept Instructions

We will make every effort to accommodate our preferred date and time. However, it is suggested that you do not attempt to schedule a few days before the expected closing date.

Knox Box

The Fire Department keeps a limited inventory of these boxes. They are affixed to your front, side or rear door and contain a master key to your home. In the event of an emergency, members of your Fire Department can use their secured key located in the apparatus to open the box on your home. This is a safe and reliable method used to enter your home.

The boxes are reserved for those with medical conditions who may not be able to make it to the door to let our Paramedics into the home.

Contact Assistant Chief Daniel Fritz at 440.498.4402 to arrange for one of these units. A deposit is required upon installation and is refunded once the box is returned.

Residential Knox Box Authorization Form

Birthday Party

The Orange Village Fire Department is available for a limited amount of birthday parties each year, for Orange Village residents.

Residents must first secure the use of the Woodell Room by calling Anna Girardi at 440.498.4400.

Click here for the Facility Reservation Form

Once this room is reserved you can contact Assistant Chief Fritz at 440.715.3751.
During your party we will arrange to spend 15-20 minutes with the birthday party and highlight basic fire safety.

The room must be cleaned and garbage taken to dumpster after use.
Orange Village Residents Only – Subject to availability.

Smoke Detector Service

If you are unable to change the batteries in your smoke detectors please call 440.498.4402. The Fire Department will be happy to do it for you.

Orange Village Fire Department collects aluminum beverage cans for recycling.

All profits benefit the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Foundation.

In 1986 the Northern Ohio Fire Fighters, the Northeast Fire Chief’s Association, along with MetroHealthMedicalCenter of Cleveland started the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Foundation (ACBC) to help children who suffer severe burn injuries.

If you would like to separate these cans from your other recyclables, please pack them in blue plastic bags and drop them off at the Fire Station at the Village Hall or deposit them in the recycle bins located on the south entrance to Village Hall by the Fire Station.

Fire Apparatus is an integral part of safety services. The aquisition and mainanence of vehicles is vital to every fire department.

The vehicles shown here are always ready to respond. Orange Village enjoys an excellent rating where safety services are concerned.

Engine 5

Engine V

1998 Ferrara
1250 GPM Pump
2500 Gal Tank
Purchased new – $230,000.00

Engine 4

Engine IV

1992 Quality
1250 GPM Pump
1000 Gal Tank
Purchased new at a cost of $160,000.00

Squad 4

Squad 4

Squad 4 went into service on Feb 12, 2014.
It replaces Squad II that was originally purchased in 1997

Squad 3

Squad 3

Built by Horton Emergency Vehicles
Purchased new – $176,000.00

Car 3

Car 3

Dodge RAM Pickup

Rescue 6

Rescue 6

300 Gal Tank
Purchased from Precision Fire Apparatus in 2001 at a cost of $260,000.00

“Grab & Go”

ff2Rescue 6, manufactured by Precision Fire Apparatus, is unique to the Chagrin Valley. This diversified piece of apparatus is equipped to handle many different rescue scenarios. Rescue tools (i.e. the jaws of life, hydraulic rams and cutters) are pre-connected to the rear and front of this vehicle. This “grab and go” system provides firefighters with a state of the art system to assist with motor vehicle accidents. The truck also carries 300 gallons of water for vehicle fires. Additionally, a “Class A” foam system is integrated into the pump, allowing foam on demand for certain types of emergencies. A portable light tower located on top of the cab, provides scene lighting that is far superior to the traditional lighting found on most pumpers. The truck has an abundance of storage for wood cribbing, air bags, air bottles, fans, hose, absorbent, tools and gas detection meters.

A portable cascade system provides the opportunity to re-fill breathing air bottles on the fire ground. The truck also carries a full compliment of ground ladders as required by th N.F.P.A. Cost: $260,000.00


Please help the Police and Fire Departments by making sure your ADDRESS is CLEARLY POSTED on your mail box and or the front of your home. This saves precious time in emergencies.


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