Orange Village Service Department

Director – Bob Zugan
4680 Lander Road Orange Village, Oh 44022
Hours: Monday – Friday 7:00 am – 3:00 pm | 440-498-4403

The Service Department keeps Orange Village running!
Everything from road repairs, snow removal, flood prevention, recycling, maintenance and repair to all equipment, buildings and grounds is handled with great pride, by the Service Department. The Service Department is happy to be an important part of what makes Orange Village a great place to live.

The services we provide add to the quality of living in Orange Village. Free collections of leaves and branches, and free deliveries of mulch and humus save homeowners dollars, time and labor. Special collections and document shredding protect your identity and keep your home free of hazards. Our well maintained park system has something for residents of all ages and interests.

Recreational Trails Project

The long awaited project is underway! Watch our progress as we install paths throughout the village.



Scrap Metal Recycling A new drop-off dumpster is available for ferrous and non-ferrous recyclables. It is located at the Service Department, by the salt shed and is marked with a sign under the overhang. It is for “Metals only” – no other trash or products. Not only does the program allow for us to reduce landfill costs, it also earns $ for scrap. The program is provided/funded through an Ohio EPA grant (50/50 match).
containerWe will drop off an 6, 8, 10 or 12 yard container during the months of April through November (weather permitting) to help dispose of brush, yard waste, construction debris or household debris. You cannot mix items in the container but you can choose from several different types of materials to dispose of. Rental costs vary depending on the items that will be disposed of. Please see the Container Rental Agreement. Please remember this service is for residents only. Contact us at 440-498-4403 for detailed information.
A U.S. flag drop off box has been put into the recycle center. The special toter is open the first Friday of every month from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm. Residents may dispose of flags into the specialy marked recycle toter.
Bob Zugan Service Director

Bob Zugan
Service Director

Terry Goldhamer Crew Leader

Terry Goldhamer
Crew Leader

Tim Adler Maintenance Worker

Tim Alder
Maintenance Worker

Matt Lunger Maintenance Worker

Matt Lunger
Maintenance Worker

Mike Peters Maintenance Worker

Matt Peters
Maintenance Worker

Tim Bissler Maintenance Worker

Tim Bissler
Maintenance Worker

Brian Pineda Maintenance Worker

Bryan Pineda
Maintenance Worker

Dustin Zimlich Maintenance Worker

Dustin Zimlich
Maintenance Worker