Medical Alert

When the Fire Department responds to a medical emergency, we may not be able to get all of the patients medical history that we need. The patient may be unable to tell us, and or there may not be a family member or friend there to give us vital information needed to help treat the patient.

This no longer has to happen. With the use of 911 and a dispatcher, a patients medical information can be given to the EMT’s before they arrive at the scene. This can only happen if Orange Village residents provide the Fire Department with medical information before an emergency happens.

The Fire Department recommends residents with unusual or numerous medical conditions, or residents that live alone, contact the Fire Department at 498-4402. Please leave your name and phone number, and a member of the fire department will return your call. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Click Here for a printable form. Print a form for a friend or neighbor who may not surf the net.

Lock Box – Residential Lock Box Program

knox.boxThe Knox Box program helps the fire department gain access to a residence without doing damage to the property.
It is designed for the person who lives alone and would be unable to get to the door if there was an emergency.
It can also be installed in other situations which we deem necessary ie. the elderly.

Orange Village would like to offer you the opportunity to have a Lock Box provided, which would allow Orange Village Safety Forces (Police and Fire) to enter your residence to assist you in the event you cannot open the door. The lock box, known as a “Knox Box” is a tool by which Village Safety Forces may enter your residence as quickly as possible, without having to damage any doors or windows if the doors to your residence are locked. The lock box will remain the property of the Orange Village Fire Department, and the Fire Department has the right to remove the lock box at any time. If a resident changes a door lock, it is the resident’s obligation to notify the Fire Department so the new key can be placed in the lock box.

This program is entirely voluntary, and is provided as a Village service to the resident at no charge to the resident except for the deposit of $200, which is fully refundable when the lock box is returned to the Village in operable condition.

If you would like to participate in the program, please fill in the Residential Knox Box Authorization Form and mail it with a check made payable to Orange Village in the amount of $200, and the Fire Department will install the lock box in a place that is mutually convenient for you and the Village. The one condition of this program is that you must understand and agree that the use of a lock box is not a promise of any greater care that is ordinarily provided to anyone else in the Village, and that Village Safety Forces have your permission to enter your residence at any time they believe you are in need of assistance.

A Medical Alert Form is also available to inform the Fire Department about health conditions, medications, physicians and contacts. It is wise to keep this information on file with the Fire Department to help them give you the very best possible emergency care.

The forms can be printed out and mailed to the Fire Department.

Residential Knox Box Authorization Form

Medic Alert Form

You may want to print extra forms for a friend or neighbor who is not aware of the program.

Learn how your medical medical information may be used, disclosed and how you can get access to it. [Click here] for a HIPPA form.