Inspection Programs

Exterior Maintenance Inspection ProgramEnhanced Exterior Maintenance Inspection Program
Orange Village will is conducting it’s exterior maintenance inspection program. In response to recent survey results indicating a growing concern for the decline in property upkeep throughout the community, the building department will be stepping up its property maintenance enforcement.

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The Housing and Zoning Inspector will drive through the community and evaluate the condition of properties via a site inspection from the street. Exterior areas of all properties shall be kept free of any objects, materials or conditions which may create a health, accident or fire hazard or adversely affect the value of surrounding properties: including but not limited to such objects, materials or conditions as

  • peeling paint or bare untreated exterior surfaces
  • broken or dilapidated fences, decks, porches and accessory structures
  • missing or broken windows and doors
  • unlicensed or immovable vehicles
  • collections of junk, rubbish or debris outside dwelling structures

If the inspector sees any violations of the Village’s Ordinances, he will document the violation then prepare a first notice letter to the property owner. Property owners will then have ten (10) days to contact Tom Shields, our Housing and Zoning Inspector, with either a plan to correct the violation(s) or with a statement of intent to appeal the violation(s). If the property owner does not contact the Housing and Zoning Inspector within the designated time specified in the letter, they will be expected to correct the listed violation(s) within thirty (30) days of the date of the initial violation letter.

A follow-up inspection will be made after 30 days. If the owner has corrected the violation(s), the file will be closed. However, if the violation(s) still exists the Inspector will generate a second and final violation ticket. If the property owner refuses to cooperate with the Housing and Zoning inspector (or the Building Commissioner) and does not file an appeal, the matter will be turned over to the Village Prosecutor to proceed with legal action. A list of the violations, including the ordinance number that the inspector will be looking at can be found on the Village Website under the building tab.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Housing and Zoning Inspector Tom Shields at 440-287-5134 or Chief Building Officer Robert W. McLaughlin at 440-287-5133.

Point of Sale Inspection
If you are planning to sell your house you must first apply for a point of sale inspection. Application forms are available at the Building Department and on-line.
See the forms page to download.View the ordinance.