Benefits of Leaf Humus

Humus helps the soil retain moisture, and encourages the formation of good soil structure.

Physically, humus can be differentiated from organic matter in that the latter is rough looking material, with coarse plant remains still visible, while once fully humified it becomes more uniform in appearance (a dark, spongy, jelly-like substance) and amorphous in structure. That is, it has no determinate shape, structure or character.

Leaf Humus is delivered to your home for free. Requests are honored in the order of receipt while supplies last.

We will deliver 1 load to each residence. One load is approximately 6 yards. If you requested more than 1 load you will receive the additional loads once everyone has received their first load.

Please use the comment box below (placement)  to indicate where you would like the humus dumped.  Describe the area as if you were standing on the street looking toward your house.

Our vehicles cannot go off driveways.   We cannot dump under trees or power lines because of the chip box installed on the dump truck.

We are no longer accepting requests for leaf humus delivery.  The next sign up will be in March of 2020.