We invite residents to show their support for first responders! On September 15th we can show our support and appreciation by displaying blue and red exterior lights, as part of “Light It Up”.

Some people suggest alternatives such as:

Tying blue and red ribbons to trees, posts, or railings on visible property from the street.

Inflating red and blue balloons and tying them to locations in front of your home.

Using painters tape to place a strip on the inside of a vehicle’s rear window and/or bumper.

Placing a string of blue and/or red LED lights around a front window of your home.

Performing random acts of kindness such as purchasing a first responder’s meal in a restaurant.

Delivering a thank you card to a local police or fire station signed by neighbors, coworkers, family members and owners/employees of local businesses.

Carefully approaching a police officer or firefighter to offer thanks.