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Emergencies Dial 911 - Fire (Non emergency) 440-498-4402

Introducing Squad 4
Squad 4 went into service on February 12, 2014. It replaces Squad II that was originally purchased in 1997.

This vehicle and other Fire Department apparatus can be seen on the apparatus page

"Grab & Go"
Rescue 6, manufactured by Precision Fire Apparatus, is unique to the Chagrin Valley. This diversified piece of apparatus is equipped to handle many different rescue scenarios. Rescue tools (i.e. the jaws of life, hydraulic rams and cutters) are pre-connected to the rear and front of this vehicle. This "grab and go" system provides firefighters with a state of the art system to assist with motor vehicle accidents. The truck also carries 300 gallons of water for vehicle fires. Additionally, a "Class A" foam system is integrated into the pump, allowing foam on demand for certain types of emergencies. A portable light tower located on top of the cab, provides scene lighting that is far superior to the traditional lighting found on most pumpers. The truck has an abundance of storage for wood cribbing, air bags, air bottles, fans, hose, absorbent, tools and gas detection meters.
Smoke Detectors
Did You Know?
That if you are unable to reach your smoke detectors to change the batteries the Orange Village Fire Department will help.

Call 440.498.4402

Please help the Police and Fire Departments by making sure your ADDRESS is CLEARLY POSTED on your mail box and or the front of your home. This saves precious time in emergencies.

Annual Reports
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A portable cascade system provides the opportunity to re-fill breathing air bottles on the fire ground. The truck also carries a full compliment of ground ladders as required by th N.F.P.A. Cost: $260,000.00

Orange Village Fire Department collects aluminum beverage cans for recycling.
All profits benefit the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Foundation.

In 1986 the Northern Ohio Fire Fighters, the Northeast Fire Chief’s Association, along with MetroHealthMedicalCenter of Cleveland started the Aluminum Cans for Burned Children Foundation (ACBC) to help children who suffer severe burn injuries.

If you would like to separate these cans from your other recyclables, please pack them in blue plastic bags and drop them off at the Fire Station at the Village Hall or deposit them in the recycle bins located on the south entrance to Village Hall by the Fire Station.

Emergency Preparedness
In an ongoing effort to keep all Orange Village resident's safe, our administration and safety forces have collaborated to produce the Emergency Preparedness Checklist

We hope that each household will take a moment to ensure they are familiar with this checklist and that every resident of our village takes advantage of the resources we proudly offer.

Please “Help Us To Help You” and take the pledge to be prepared.

Orange Village Fire Department Receives Department of Homeland Security Grant Award

The Orange Village Fire Department is proud to announce that they have received a substantial grant award from the United States Department of Homeland Security. Under the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the "Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program" allows fire departments across the Country to compete for funding opportunities. The funds are utilized to address shortfalls in capital equipment and to improve services to the residents. The Orange Fire Department has been aggressive in their approach to grant writing and these efforts have once again paid off. The Village will receive $58,195.00 to be utilized for the following purchases:
  • A new LifePack 15 Cardiac Monitor $31,000.00 *
  • Two new Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) $6,000.00 *
  • Seven sets of firefighter turnout gear $21,000.00 *

    *Approximate cost
The Assistance to Firefighters Grant is structured so that 95% of the expenditures are paid by F.E.M.A. The remaining 5% of the cost is picked up by Orange Village.

“I’m proud that our department takes such a proactive approach to grant writing. These grant opportunities allow us to provide an exceptional level of service at a lower cost to the taxpayer” – Chief Robert Wilson

“Thanks to F.E.M.A and the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program, our department can focus on attaining funds that represent a substantial cost savings for our residents. Our Grant writing efforts result in state-of-the-art purchases that deliver direct benefits to those we proudly serve.” – Assistant Chief Daniel Fritz

“Whether it’s our Service Department, Police Department or other areas of administration I’m extremely confident that our department heads are always looking for ways to trim the budget. This recent grant award is another example of how we are all working to provide quality services at the lowest cost possible.” – Mayor Kathy Mulcahy

Assistant Chief Daniel Fritz
Orange Village Fire Department       440.715.3751 cell

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