Council Member Herbert L. Braverman, ESQ.

I have served on the Council for more than (20) years, after having been initially appointed by Mr. Nichols, at a time when the Council had been decimated by resignations and recalls. It was a bleak period in the governance of our Village and I stepped in (with others) as a volunteer to help the Village recover its government and organization.

I have enjoyed serving on the Council, and being its President for several years, for so many reasons. First of all, I have enjoyed contributing to the governance of our Village, including seeing it through some very difficult times and growth periods. I have enjoyed the regular, recurring rhythms of municipal government, as well as the unique projects and challenges that have come my way over the past (2) + decades in Orange Village. During that time frame, our Village has erected a much needed new Village Hall, created a wonderful Village Park for a community with more and more children, wrestled with the proposed Figgie project and obtained for ourselves an additional 127 acres of land, as well as other benefits, and created an emergency medical service system for our Village that is second to none in the area. I am looking forward to continued prosperity and happiness for our Village and its residents into the twenty-first century and beyond.

Our family moved into Orange Village by building a new home on Orangewood Drive in the fall of 1983. Both of my children, Becca (25) and Benjamin (22), have grown up in the Village and have had no other home. My wife, Jan, practiced speech pathology (speech therapy) for several years, but is now working diligently as a reading enrichment teacher for young boys and girls.

I was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in Columbus, Ohio, until I graduated high school and left for college. I graduated with a degree in economics from The Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania in 1969 and, subsequently in 1972, I graduated from The Harvard Law School with a J.D. Since graduating law school, I have practiced law continuously in Cleveland, Ohio, concentrating my efforts in the areas of estate planning, personal planning, business succession planning, probate and probate litigation.

In 2006, the Estate Planning Council of Northeast Ohio selected me as the “Most Distinguished Estate Planner" for that year – an award held only by a few attorneys.

In 2008, I took a brief assignment from Governor Strickland and worked in Columbus at a State agency. However, I did not find that position satisfying at various levels and soon returned to Orange Village, where I continue to consult with and to provide sophisticated estate planning, financial planning and business planning advice and information to individuals, families and businesses in Northeast Ohio. I encourage you to contact me with your concerns and questions at any time via the email link above or using the contact information listed on this website.

ORANGE VILLAGE 4600 Lander Rd. Orange Village, Ohio 44022 440-498-4400