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Branch Chipping

Orange Village Service Department collects branches during the summer months. This service is to aid the residents in the disposal of tree prunings and limbs that have fallen from their trees. If you are removing a tree from your property or having one removed please dispose of another way. This service is not intended to chip complete trees. By following these guidelines we can continue to provide this service to all residents.

Collection Dates 2018:  April 23rd,   June 11th,  July 23rd,  September 10th

Orange Village Service Department spent 288 man hours and completed 857 stops equaling 45 loads to provide residents with 675 yards of woodchips for their use. As you can see your Service Department invests a good amount of time to this program.
In recent years the Service Department has had to spend extended lengths of time and use larger equipment to separate piles placed by the road incorrectly. Please take a moment to read the following regulations.

Brush Pickup Regulations
In an effort to provide residents with the highest level of service and to minimize the risk of injury to employees and damage to equipment, the following regulations will be strictly enforced.
No foreign material i.e. rope, metal, wood post, construction wood, split rail fence, railroad ties or any material that could contain nails or metal. Stumps and root balls are not acceptable items.

DO NOT mix leaves or yard material with branches.

DO NOT place out any material with thorns.

DO NOT make large piles or place limbs in different directions in the piles. Limbs must face the same direction.

Limbs shall be placed with cut ends towards the road, no more than 2 feet high and 3 feet wide. Piles must be able to be picked up by 1 person.

Long lengths are acceptable if they can be handled by one person. Limbs should be no larger than 6″ in diameter.

Small material shorter than 2 feet in length shall be bundled or place in a container.

Branches should not be placed roadside any more than a few days before the scheduled chipping date. However branches must be out by Sunday prior to the scheduled date. The Service Department makes one complete pass through the village starting on the scheduled date and ending once we make the complete pass.

Branches placed out too early or too late must be removed by the resident.

This program was started to assist residents in yard clean up of fallen branches, prunings, and trimmings. The Chipping Program will not be used as a way to dispose of whole tree removals or clearing your property. If you are removing a tree or having one removed please dispose of the material in another way.

Adherence to the Chipping Regulations is mandatory. Non-compliance may result in the Service Department not removing your material with a notice of what corrections need to be made.

It is the responsibility of all residents and employees to keep Orange Village looking its best. By following these regulations we can continue to provide this service to all residents.